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Over the last decade, every consulting firm has invested heavily in the offshore models across the world. The offshore business model requires a very costly infrastructure that has lead all consulting firms to drive business out of every country into offshore countries for a single reason – To recover their costs. All consulting firms are built around a single KPI ‘Customer Success’… Read More

Inspite of the global economic challenges, Novus has managed to keep its growth and momentum for over six years. We believe that our growth comes due to the following factors: Novus is the only paperless and plastic free firm in the world; We have unique… Read More

Our innovative business model has been adopted by Fortune companies in six countries, allowing our customers to leverage local talent from their home country without any budget concerns… Read More

Novus Global Solutions is a North Brunswick, N.J.-based professional consulting services firm founded by Managing Partner Sushrut Shrotri with a single mission: to build an onsite consulting model that delivers consulting services at a speed and quality unheard by offshore firms at a total cost cheaper than offshore and drive consulting back onshore… Read More

Novus launched a unique consulting model that delivers on-shore consulting services using local residents at a total cost lower than offshore. Our ability to continue to stick to this model has lead to this growth… Read More

Sushrut has over 21 years of consulting experience spread over 4 continents and 12 countries. He specializes in ERP, Analytics’ launching successful ventures and reviving sick companies. Sushrut launched Novus Global Solutions in 2010, a unique consulting firm that delivers onsite consulting cheaper than offshore with an operating model that boasts a paperless and plastic free model… Read More

Cloud has become the buzzword of today referring to Cloud Computing. Every software company is claiming or attempting to have their software available through the cloud. Conferences, Webinars, and Presentations refer to the cloud and yet when you ask any of the sales or pre-sales guys the age old question, How will this benefit my company? you get a glossy PowerPoint instead of a direct answer… Read More