Novus Global Solutions is a Digital transformation firm with expertise in strategy, process and technology. The Novus business model is a concept drawn from the founders with over 20 years of experience in 4 continents. Novus has been digital and paperless since inception in 2010 and is 100% digital with no printers, fax machines or scanners.

At Novus we believe that technology should be an enabler to the core business. We have seen the information technology go from being an enabler to the business to being a huge fixed operational cost for many industries. Our mission is to help our customers drive business growth through strategic decisions, process optimization and technology automation without creating high operating fixed costs.

We have our innovative model that has been adopted by Fortune companies that allows you to leverage local talent and create local jobs without worrying about your budgets. This unique model is bringing consulting jobs back in your country and we are proud to have done it first.

Our experience and expertise covers most known technologies and applications. Our executive team will first work with you to understand your business problems and strategic vision followed by an in-depth process analysis. Our team of experts will then select the right option of buy vs. build by looking at your business needs, total cost of ownership, internal rate of return and payback period. We assure you that the Novus team will work closely with you to help you achieve your vision.

So whether you are making a movie or running a business or trying to secure your business or an entire city, leverage the Novus experience to get that special attention to your business.